Stress is personal

We all know that commuting during rush hour, long hours at work or argument with a loved one can cause stress. There are mountains of recommendations on how we can reduce the strain on our body caused by accumulated stress including breathing techniques, mindfulness or yoga. But at some point the sleepless nights, the box of chocolate you should not have eaten, the pain in your neck start signalling that something is not right. The generic recipes for dealing with stress may help us for a while, but once we reach a certain threshold they start to become ineffective.

That’s because stress is personal. And when it comes to coping with stress, one size does not fit all!

Each of us have a unique emotional world. What is unbearable for person can be ignored by another. Our perception of what is happening may differ significantly. What helps one person reduce their stress may increase the stress in another.

You have to discover what works for you.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, you do not have to make major life changes. Once you understand your personal tendencies of stress and coping you can apply bite-size everyday ideas to your life to improve your well being.

If you do not know where to start, you can request a personal stress coping report that can be your guide:

Stress Coping Profile Report Brochure


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