Is your comfort zone worn-out?

Shoe and bare foot print set

What do you do when someone or something pushes your button and you feel really stressed?

When we are stressed we usually revert to behaviours that we are used to and that are familiar to us; our comfort zones. We create our comfort zones in reaction to our experiences in life. However what worked for us one or more decades ago does not it is still effective for you. Just like a shoe you are comfortable in but is worn-out, your comfort zone may feel good but may not take you where you need to go.

It may be that your comfort zone is perfectionism; that you need to check every detail, be in control and to make sure you do not make a mistake. You may find that feeling in control helps you to reduce your stress or feel safer. On the flip side of the coin what if you cannot control the situation? Do you then try to control other things in your life?

Or perhaps your comfort zone is procrastination. You do not want to deal with it now, or in two hours or tomorrow. You might be putting things on hold, and waiting things to work out on their own. And what happens when they don’t, instead becoming a bigger problem to deal with?

Or your comfort zone might be being active constantly; not having a single minute free, doing things, going to places all the time. It may be that you seek distraction from the stress invoking thoughts or feelings. Or you find being engaged in diverse activities helps you keep connected to others which help with your stress. But then how long can you go on without taking a break?

Perhaps it is time for you to consider a new comfort zone that can that can help you deal with your stress more effectively.


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