Where do your train of thoughts take you?

Tracks on a white background. 3 Raster

Did you know that on an average the mind thinks about 2000-2500 thoughts per hour? Some of them pass your mind so quickly that you may not be even aware of them.

I think of thoughts as trains passing by. Imagine you’re standing on a platform in a train station and there are lots of trains passing by…

There is the train that would take you to Catastrophe-land, where everything goes wrong, one worst case scenario following the next one.

Than there is the train that would take you to Friday-land, with all the things you want and can do because you have the weekend off.

Our trains of thoughts carry us to places where our emotions get heightened. If you are already bored to start with, after following your train of thoughts, you may become even more bored or frustrated. If you were worrying you may now be feeling more anxious.

So next time you find yourself in a train of thoughts, remember that you can always get off that train and take another one.


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